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Retirement Transition

Retirement Transition

Retirement is an opportunity for you to experience the life you’ve always dreamed of living. Let us help you create a vision and a plan for what that “second life” looks like.

When do you want to start your “second life”?

The conventional understanding of retirement has shifted as our average life expectancy has increased. The idea of, “I’m going to work full-time until a certain age and then leave work to move to Florida,” is no longer the only option.  Orchard Financial Group will help you consider all of the different phases of your life that lend themselves to retirement. We can coach you through your decision to retire early or help you weigh the benefits of working past the standard retirement age. We are familiar with the options that are available to you and the financial or emotional implications of selecting a specific path. We will work with you to construct a road map that reflects your individual dreams and needs.

What does your retirement really look like?

Just because you stopped working does not mean that you are no longer looking at building a bright future. For many of our clients, their retirement transition is an opportunity to start pursuing the challenges they didn’t have time for when they were working full time. As a retiree, you can fill your time with anything from travel to volunteer work. The key is finding a balance that brings you fulfillment and will help you sustain the lifestyle you had planned for. Orchard Financial Group will work with you to define a clear vision for the next phase of your life and then establish the strategies that are required to pursue this vision.

What does funding your retirement actually look like?

Planning for retirement is not only about building your savings. It is about building an entire “second life” roadmap. You will need to consider everything from your spending habits to the impact that inflation or rising tax rates might have on money you have saved. Our goal is to create a financial strategy that makes your retirement comfortable for you.


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